Rigid Flex PCB

6L HDI Rigid-flex PCB

Layer:6 layer
Application:Industrial Control

Rigid-flex PCB are printed circuit boards highlighted by both rigid and flexible areas that make them ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The typical rigid-flex PCB circuit includes two or more conductive layers that comprise either flexible or rigid insulation material between each one - the outer layers may have either exposed pads or covers. Conductors are found on the rigid layers, while plated through-holes are found in both the rigid and flexible layers.

The Advantages of Rigid-flex PCB Technology

While this type of flexible circuit may be more expensive to design and produce, it does offer a number of important advantages. For instance, the reduced size makes it easier to fit more components into a smaller space. This can actually help to lower overall system costs. Additionally, because they require the need for fewer interconnects and related parts and components, these flexible circuit board can also prove to be more reliable and require less maintenance in the long run.

As with all types of flexible circuit boards, the Rigid-flex PCB will perform well in even the harshest environments, especially those featuring extreme heat. A rigid flex board is also easy to test, making it well-suited for prototyping.

ABP has served companies in industries such as medical, telecommunications and manufacturing with our superior quality Flex-rigid PCB manufacturing services. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to develop custom flex-rigid PCBs for any specific applications. Here is our full feature flex-rigid PCB manufacturing capabilities:



Max. Layer Count


Max. Finished Thickness


Max. Board Size


Min. Laser Dirlled Hole Size


Min. Mechanical Drilled Hole Size


Min. Mechanical Through Hole Aspect Ratio


Min. Inner Layer Trace Width/Spacing


Min. Outer Layer Trace Width/Spacing


Soldermask Registraction


Min. Soldermask Bridge


Min. BGA Pitch


Min. Single-ended Impedance Tolerance


Min. Differential Impedance Tolerance


Base Material

General TG,Middle TG,High TG,Halogen Free,Low Dk,Low loss,High CTI,PTFE



Surface Finish

ENIG,ENEPIG,OSP,Glod Plating,Glod Plating+ENIG,Glod Plating+OSP,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Plating Tin

Advanced Product


Mass Production

Sample Production

Mass Production