FR4 double-sided PCB with immersion gold


Product Description

This FR-4 double-sided PCB with immersion gold surface finish,only 0.8mm thickness,comes with certificates of UL, ISO, TS16949.

We are a professional factory with 16 years experience in manufacturing printed circuit boards, which can be made by a various of materials such as Aluminum/FR4/Cermic/Rogers/High Frenquency/FR1/FR2/FR4/CEM1/CEM3.

Your are welcome to check this FR4 PCB board with good quality and cheap prices.

Note: FR-4 is the primary insulating backbone upon which the vast majority of rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) are produced. A thin layer of copper foil is laminated to one, or both sides of an FR-4 glass epoxy panel. These are commonly referred to as “copperclad laminates.”

FR-4 copper-clad sheets are fabricated with circuitry etched into copper layers to produce printed circuit boards. More sophisticated and complex FR-4 printed circuit boards are produced in multiple layers, also known as “multilayer circuitry”.


  • Base Material: FR4
  • Number of Layers: 2L
  • Board Thickness: 0.8mm
  • Copper Thickness: 1OZ
  • Min. Hole Size: 3mil (0.075mm)
  • Min. Line Spacing: 3mil (0.075mm)
  • Min. Line Width: 3mil (0.075mm)
  • Surface Finishing: Immersion Gold
  • Solder Mask Color: Green
  • Certificate: UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001


FR4 is the most commonly used PCB material now, so it’s widely used for motorcycle and mobile phone, power LED and acoustics shielding system etc.

Our Production Capability for PCB:

  • Layer: 1 to 28 layers
  • Material type: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, Rogers
  • Board thickness: 0.21mm to 7.0mm
  • Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ to 7.0 OZ
  • Copper thickness in hole: >25.0 um (>1mil)
  • Size:
    – Max. Board Size: 23 × 25 (580mm×900mm)
    – Min. Drilled Hole Size: 3mil (0.075mm)
    – Min. Line Width: 3mil (0.075mm)
    – Min. Line Spacing: 3mil (0.075mm)
  • Surface finishing: HASL / HASL lead free, HAL, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion Silver/Gold, OSP, Gold plating
  • Solder Mask Color: Green/Yellow/Black/White/Red/Blue
  • Tolerance
    – Shape tolerance: ±0.13
    – Hole tolerance: PTH: ±0.076 NPTH: ±0.05
  • PCB Packing
    – Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag
    – Outer packing: Standard carton packing
  • Certificate: UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Special requirements: Buried and blind vias+controlled impedance +BGA
  • Profiling: Punching, Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
  • Provides OEM services to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly as well as electronic encased products.


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