Single-sided flexible circuits


Product Description

Single-sided flexible circuits are the simplest and cheapest, consisting of a single conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film with the option of a cover lay or semi flexible liquid photo imitable solder resist. Parts of the flexible can be made more rigid by the use of additional stiffeners.

Make sure you get the choose the correct PCB for your devices though. This single layer flexible printed circuit board with 0.2mm board thickness and 0.1mm Min. hole size and 0.15mm Min. line width, it can save volume and reach high accuracy.

All PCBs you see on have OEM service and compliant with UL, ISO, TS16949 directive.


  • Number of Layers: single layer
  • Base Material: PI FLEX, FR4 stiffer
  • Copper Thickness: 1OZ
  • Board Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm
  • Min. Line Width: 0.15mm
  • Min. Line Spacing: 0.15mm
  • Surface Finishing: HASL Lead Free
  • Color: Yellow


  • OEM service
  • Compliant with UL, ISO, TS16949 Directive
  1. Widely used for AV systems, automobiles, mobile phones, printers, LCD displays, sensors and many more consumer electronics.
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  2. OEM services provided
  3. Certificate: ROHS, UL, ISO9001-2000, ISO14001
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