Round aluminum LED PCB


Make sure you get the choose the correct PCB for your LED lights. This Round aluminium LED PCB board with HASL lead free surface finish, 1.6mm board thickness and 0.075mm Min. line space and 0.075mm Min. line width, it can reach high accuracy and save volumn.

NOTE: Aluminum material is superior in heat conduction, corrosion resistance and lightweight. 


  • Layers: Single  layers
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Board Thickness: 1.60mm
  • Surface Finish: Hasl lead free
  • Min Line Width: 0.075mm(3 mil)
  • Min Line Space: 0.075mm(3 mil)
  • Special Requirements: Board Thickness 0.40mm+/-0.05mm
  • Product Use: Led products


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