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ABP Outdoor Activity: A Hike Crossing from Dasha River to Shenzhen Bay

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Update time : 2019-11-26 14:42:48
Hiking and mountain climbing are definitely most traditional and popular outdoor activities for ABP. It allows you to take in the beautiful surrounding areas at your own pace, and to see things that you do not normally see while keeping fit at the same time.
Last Saturday, ABP has held a healthy and beneficial outdoor activity that is a hike crossing from Dasha River to Shenzhen Bay. Completing the 11 km with all ABP members over 3 hours was a great achievement. Let’s have a look for that wonderful day!
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ABP always places great importance on team building. Kinds of activities like hiking are good for our health and give chance to improving our ability of team cooperation and mutual communication, and easing the pressure of daily work. With so excellent work team, ABP has strong faith that we can provide better products and services for our esteem customers.
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