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ABP Electronics Limited was established in 2004, provide one-stop services for PCB manufacturing , component sourcing, PCB assembly and testing .We have own PCB and PCB assembly factories, and a variety of professional testing equipments, company owned experienced professional and technical R & D technology team, young and professional sales and customer service teams, experienced and professional procurement team and assembly testing team, which make sure the products quality of the pass rate, on-time delivery rate of customer orders. Our services include: PCB design and layout, 2-20 layers precision PCB manufacturing, professional FPC production, electronic components purchasing, SMT professional processing, PCB Soldering and Assembly, especially sample and small bulk orders. we have the advantages of a quick quote, fast production, fast delivery.

PCB Assembly

With 3 SMT lines and 2 DIP lines, ABP is equipped with high-precision imported equipment includes automatic SMT machines, reflow soldering, wave soldering, selective wave soldering, X-Ray, and AOI.

Standard PCB Fab

1-30 Layers PCB Fabrication. Normal FR-4 Material. No MOQ Limit. Board Thickness 0.2-6.0mm. Min.Track Width/Space 3mil. External/Internal Cu Thickness 0.5-6OZ. Surface Finishing HASL(Lead Free).

Advanced PCB Fab

1-30 Layer PCB Fabrication. Materials: High-Tg, Halogen Free, Rogers, CEM-1, CEM-3, Rigid-flex materials, etc. Surface Fishing: HASL(Lead Free), Immersion Gold, OSP, Immersion Silver. Multi-color solder mask.

Electronic Parts

ABP has 18 years of experience in component procurement and has established long-term cooperative relationships with famous electronic component manufacturers around the world.

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Quality guaranteed service

We maintain some of the most rigorous quality certifications for an EMS provider in order to guarantee to our customers that they will receive impeccably PCB and PCB Assembly products.

ISO 9001:2008, IATF16949, ISO13485, UL, RoHS

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Customer-oriented Service

24-hour Customer Service, 99%+ Customer Satisfaction rate, 95%+ On-time Delivery Rate, 98%+ Qualified Products Rate

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