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Analysis and Countermeasures of Power Supply Noise in High Frequency PCB Design Process

In high-frequency PCB boards, one of the more important types of interference is power supply noise. This article systematically analyzes the characteristics and causes of power supply noise appearing on the high-frequency PCB board, and combines engineering applications to propose some very effective and simple solutions. Analysis of power supply noise Power supply noise is

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Designing for Manufacturability in Multilayer PCB Assembly

Multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) have become an integral part of modern electronic devices, offering increased functionality and reduced size. The complexity of multilayer PCB assembly lies in the design, which must be optimized for manufacturability to ensure high-quality and reliable products. This article explores the key considerations and best practices for designing multilayer PCBs

2024-04-17T16:28:24+08:00February 17th, 2024|Industry News, News|0 Comments

Basic Thing You Should Know About PCB Assembly Process

Within every single electronic device used today, there’s a printed circuit board (PCB) that makes it operate. The PCB is the heart of electronic devices, whether we’re talking about smart speakers for the home, your new intelligent thermostat, or the digital speedometer in your car. Of course, creating functional electronic devices requires much more than

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Must-Know Points for Multilayer PCB Designs

Most electrical and electromechanical devices’ shelf life and functionality largely depend on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Although PCBs have been used for decades, most used in old, conventional devices are single or double layered, with drawbacks such as capacitance and noise. To overcome these challenges and fulfill the increasing demand to suffice the functionalities of

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What is PCB Etching?

Etching often seems to be something creative such as giving shape to a sculpture, or drawing a design on a glass. However, this is a process used to refine and sculpt printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are made of different materials as substrate, such as copper, FR4, plastic, aluminum, and so on. However, all

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DFM-Is your PCB ready for manufacturing

The term DFM (Design For Manufacturing) refers to the process by which a product is designed with the precise aim of simplifying its manufacturing, creating a better product at a lower cost. Ideally, DFM should be already applied during the initial stages of the project and should involve the whole product development team and not

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What are the key challenges of medical PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly?

Medical PCB devices are categorized under IPC 610 class 3/3A as they are expected to operate in extreme conditions with consistent performance. Patient safely is the highest concern in this application. So, PCB design and manufacturing have several challenges and as a medical device producer, you have to identify and evaluate the capabilities of manufacturers.

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An Overview of the Must-have Files of PCB Assembly

PCB Files are important in the design and manufacturing process of printed circuit boards. They are used to communicate the design intent of the board to the manufacturer. In order to assemble a printed circuit board, you need to create files that describe the layout of your board. These files contain the texture description of

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Ceramic PCB: Its Materials, Types, Benefits and Drawbacks

A ceramic PCB, also known as “ceramic hybrid circuit devices”, has become the industry’s new standard for electrical components. Although this technology was first introduced by ceramic capacitors, it is now used in many different applications. The properties of ceramic materials used in the manufacturing process of ceramic circuit boards make them durable, reliable, and

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Types of PCB Solder Mask Material and Conductive Layers

Types of Solder Mask Material Solder mask is a crucial layer in a printed circuit board. It protects the exposed area of the copper. Also, solder mask is usually green in color. However, there are other colors like white, red, yellow, and blue. There are different kinds of soldermask materials based on how they are

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