An Overview of the Must-have Files of PCB Assembly

PCB Files are important in the design and manufacturing process of printed circuit boards. They are used to communicate the design intent of the board to the manufacturer. In order to assemble a printed circuit board, you need to create files that describe the layout of your board. These files contain the texture description of

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Ceramic PCB: Its Materials, Types, Benefits and Drawbacks

A ceramic PCB, also known as “ceramic hybrid circuit devices”, has become the industry’s new standard for electrical components. Although this technology was first introduced by ceramic capacitors, it is now used in many different applications. The properties of ceramic materials used in the manufacturing process of ceramic circuit boards make them durable, reliable, and

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How to Incorporate Blind and Buried Vias in PCB Design?

With the increasing demand for high-speed, performance-driven, yet miniature devices, manufacturing and assembling printed circuit board (PCBs) have gained immense traction. This is because PCBs drive the functioning of all electrical and electromechanical devices. Hence, PCB design should be flawless and precise for the further execution of processes, including component mounting, vias, circuits, and more.

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Why Should You Prototype Your Circuit Board?

The printed circuit board has been around for longer than many people realize. It’s still one of the most utilized pieces of technology in the modern world, even though many people do not know it. Circuit boards are hiding in just about everything today. They are found in vehicles, phones, computers, alarms, cameras, and countless

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The 2023 HK Global Sources Electronics Show and NEPCON Asia Electronics Show came to a perfect conclusion

The 2023 HK Global Sources Electronics Show and NEPCON Asia Electronics Show came to a perfect conclusion on October 14 and October 13 respectively. This time, ABP team serves every customer enthusiastically and carefully, through face-to-face communication, we provide customers with professional services and implementable solutions based on customer projects. Thanks to the customers who

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2023 National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

Dear Customer, Due to the National Day and Mid-autumn Festival Holiday Arrangement, our office will be temporarily out of duty from Sep 29th to Oct 6th, 2023. We are return on Oct 7th, 2023, so you will be able to communicate with us by then or any urgent things you may contact our sales manager

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Know About PCB Conformal Coating and its Types

A printed circuit board is a core part of several devices and equipment, and hence its structural and functional accuracy is crucial to the functioning of the end product. This is why PCBs have a conformal coat on them, which is basically a thin layer of polymer film applied on the board to protect the

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Understanding SMT Stencils: The Backbone of Electronics Manufacturing

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) stencils are one of the most crucial tools in the electronics manufacturing industry, as they enable precise and efficient solder paste deposition. SMT stencils are thin sheets with precise holes or apertures made of premium materials, often stainless steel. These holes are a medium for correctly depositing solder paste onto the

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ABP Corporate Account and E-mail suffix (Domain Name) Statement

Dear Customer, This Statement is to inform you that our company has not modified the corporate account. If customers have received any account change E-mail, please contact our sales manager via phone or Skype and make a confirmation, to avoid unnecessary losses. Moreover, please take the “” as our only official E-mail suffix (domain name),

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PCB Assembly: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing of Medical Equipment

PCB assembly, a critical process in the manufacturing of electronic devices, has played a significant role in the development of medical equipment. From diagnostic devices to life-saving equipment, PCB assembly has revolutionized the healthcare industry by enabling the creation of advanced and reliable medical devices. In this article, we will explore the importance of PCB

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