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Top factors determine the cost of Multilayer PCB Assembly

The use of multilayer PCBs has become ubiquitous with several industries employing complex PCBs in increasingly miniaturized products. There are many factors, however, that determine the cost of a multilayer PCBs. Here is a quick overview: Choice of material The material used to fabricate the board has an obvious bearing

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What is Ball Grid Array & Why it is important in PCB assembly?

What is a Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packaging Technology? BGA is a surface-mount technology that uses an array of solder balls for electrical interconnection. The interconnection is achieved between the package body and the base. Based on different packaging materials, a number of BGA components has been developed such as Ceramic BGA (CBGA), Plastic

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PCBA Design Tips to Avoid Reflow-Induced Failure

Key Takeaways What is reflow soldering? What types of reflow-induced failure can occur during assembly? How to design your PCBA to prevent failures during reflow. To generate any tangible item of any degree of complexity, there are four essential requirements: First, is a clear plan or strategy. Second, is the

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Why Process Control Measurement is Essential

The integrity of Printed Circuit Boards is crucial to ensure the reliability of the electronic product. To this end, process control measurement has to be implemented to optimize the SMT PCB Assembly. This will ensure that costly errors aren’t found at a later date, which could result in a high failure rate of products.

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